About Concierge Creative

Established in 2011, Concierge Creative is a full-service modern digital agency that specializes in Advertising & Marketing, Business & Consulting Solutions, Graphic Design & Printing, and Web Design, Hosting, and Maintenance.

We service businesses, organizations, nonprofits, and individual clients across the United States.


About The Owner

“Highly Professional”, “Driven”, “Diligent”, and “Talented” are just a few testaments that are used to describe Brandon Lucius.  Hailing from Houston, TX, the award-winning media designer has been commissioned by an array of companies and organizations; ranging from educational institutions to music companies, to bring their vision of their product and/or services to life.

Brandon’s passion for business and technology began at a very young age. During high school (sophomore year), he was offered an internship where he was responsible for creating advertisements and graphics, to be displayed on monitors and a wide variety of promotional materials throughout the school. Even though the school had a full-service help desk, Brandon played a vital role, providing technical support for students and staff throughout the year. The internship provided real-world experiences into the life of a business owner, such as: working with clients (staff members), meeting deadlines, and creating unique and captivating designs for the target audience (students). Mr. Lucius was very fortunate enough to hold the position until he graduated high school. Upon graduation, Brandon had the experience necessary to be able to run his operations full-time, at scale.

Over the years Brandon has earned several awards and honors from Google for his dedication to success and passion for businesses and agencies worldwide out of over 22,000+ members. Professionally, Mr. Lucius is a trusted member of the Google Top Contributor Program as a Rising Star for Google Adwords & Google Partners. The Top Contributor Program is a group of Google product enthusiasts who earned the distinction of Top Contributor or Rising Star by sharing their knowledge in Google Help Forums and Help on Social.